Announcing a new series we’ll be kicking off here at 86 Joy Street! As you may already know, we only open our doors to the public twice a year. This is a small and humble window we are opening to our beautiful little world in our Somerville-based studios. You may or may not find the behind-the-scenes as polished but you’ll get a closer sense and hear right from some of your favorite designers, makers, artists, and small businesses.

Hope you enjoy!


Our very first featured Joy Street Artist is Kristin Breiseth.

I am compelled by pattern, color, movement, feeling. I seek a response that doesn’t always conjure words first. –KB

What does your art/business do?
I am currently deeply in love with gelatin plate printing. I am trained as a printmaker, and painted for awhile, but these gelatin plate prints? Ooo-ee, they are soooooo fun to make — and to cut up and recombine! I sell them, of course, and occasionally print them on other things — phone cases were my last experiment. I also work with art firms that reproduce (often at large scales) and place my work in public spaces like restaurants and hotels.




When did you start your business and what motivated you to begin?
I started my post-art school making life in 1997, and have been in Joy Street since 2006.


Cut up production line


What did you used to do before this?
Oh my, how much time do you have? I read somewhere once that the average person has nine careers in her lifetime, and that sounds about right for mine (so far!). But the studio, in conjunction with teaching, has been my life for the past 17 years.


What was the biggest challenge in getting started?
What started as the biggest challenge continues to be the biggest challenge: finding the right balance of all things that relate to the studio and making and promoting. The business side of the studio is pure discipline for me — I need to make a concerted effort to make that part more fun.




Since starting, what are you most proud of in your work?

That I am still doing it.

Who are three creative-types or businesses that inspire you? 
My erstwhile studio mate and California-based creative partner in crime, Sydney, Louise Bourgeois, Agnes Martin.

What is something you find helps motivate you day-to-day to create?
I crave engagement, and being in the studio is a way to be engaged with life in a way that is incomparable.
Deadlines help, too.




Anything else you would like to share with everybody?
I would just like to give a big, hearty thank you to everyone who engages with art and supports local artists — it takes a village! And a loud, joyously shouted thank you to you, Kimberly, for helping get the word out about our busy creative hive here at Joy Street!

Visit and follow the multi-talented Kristin Breiseth at these links:

KB’s Website