All of my paintings have one thing in common – the perspective:  a straight-on close-up view, either looking straight down, or out.  The objects are singular, seen head on, from a one-point perspective.  There is no far off background, no foreground, no multiple perspectives, angles, or horizon lines – nothing to distract you, the viewer, from the object.  The space around the object is bright and flat, in contrast with the rust, dirt, and grime on the object.  There is nowhere else to look and the viewer is forced to see what I want them to: the subject matter, and only the subject matter. — Julie Angela Theresa

What does your art/business do?
I am an oil painter and my newest paintings seem to fall into the category of “contemporary” Tromp l’Oeil.


When did you start your business and what motivated you to begin?
I graduated from art school in 2001 and moved into Joy Street the 2nd month after it was converted into artists studios back in 2004 and have been painting here ever since.

2016-06-17 11.10.03

We’re so lucky to have you! What did you used to do before this?
I have always had other jobs concurrent with painting; some art related, some… not so much. When I first left art school, I was a manager at a retail store for 4 years.

2016-06-17 11.10.41

What was the biggest challenge in getting started?

Probably narrowing down what I want to do.  I try to paint intentionally simplistic looking compositions. Saying what I want to say in a painting with minimal objects is a fun challenge.

Since starting, what are you most proud of in your work?
Just that I can continue coming up with new ideas to paint, I guess.

keep on painting

I really admire your humbleness. Who are three creative-types or businesses that inspire or influence you?

I love looking at other painters.  Some of my favorites are Lynda Lowe, Robert Jackson, and Odd Nerdrum.


What is something you find helps motivate you day-to-day to create?
Me! My paintings are little stories that tell what is going on in my life.  For example – back in 2005 I was in a bad car accident and for about a year I painted eggs.  At first when I was going through physical therapy the egg shells were all broken and cracked.  As the year went on and I got better the eggs became whole again.


How I would love to see some of those egg paintings! I have been a silent admirer of Julie’s double-take oil paintings since joining Joy Street Artists in 2013. I’m the one that’s frequently just standing in front of one of her new paintings, just moving my head around and obsessing over how her eyes can read light and shadows. It’s incredibly skilled to see an object and read what is creating these visual dimensions we register on some level, but don’t always acknowledge. Julie’s work shows so much depth and understanding of not just her medium, but her grasp of translating reality to even fool the viewer. She exhibits total control of what you think you are seeing.


Find more of Julie’s work here: