TPS_4893So excited I was able to catch Melissa, the creative genius behind Pawblo Picasso. She will be flinging her door wide-open this weekend for Somerville Open Studios and “the whole town is bustling!”


Usually, I can find her sketching or painting away in acrylic paint like it’s no big deal. She’s a lovely and talkative creative that I’m sure many folks will be pleased to meet in person.

TPS_4882It’s a wonder she doesn’t have 10 pets in her painting studio, but she surrounds herself with everyone else’s sweet photographs of their beloved pets just waiting to be captured in likeness.

TPS_4946Emporium Custom Leathers! The wonder maker behind this small business is Jessica, and she has been working and tooling with leather for many a year.


Her studio will be open to visitors for the big spring Somerville Open Studios, so definitely swing by to check out her incredible works of art and fashion.


She even shares her work space with another designer of unique tastes that totally catch my eye.


Swing by to see if you can spot and meet these ever growing small business artisans and makers during Open Studios this weekend.

In addition, if you’re lucky enough to spy these folks pictured below, you’ll certainly receive a gold star! They are constantly working and I fear, may be too busy for this weekend’s open studios, but their presence is always sought after. Maybe you’ll get a chance to see them behind closed doors, but if their beautiful doors are closed, here’s a wee little peek just in case.


Wedding event and florists working away in their studio at Whim Events.


‘Tis the season for proposals and beautiful weddings all across New England and the cape.


I could easily live in their studio space over at Whim Events. Ever friendly and always filled to the brim with beautiful event design ideas. Who couldn’t love them?


Perhaps my most favorite studio artists in the building…. Kayla and her helper, Benson.


There has been so much I have learned from the resident glass blowing artists here at Joy Street Studios. Their tireless amounts of energy to work through the wee hours of the morning and even help each other along with their business growth and separate projects¬†just makes me warm and dizzy with all that blue-flame-fire constantly blowing from their hot air… studios!

Come for a short visit and end up staying for a long while. Check out the Joy Street Artists and meet your Somerville makers.